George Costanza Candy ID Quiz

September 26, 2008

Mental_floss, the preeminent purveyors of trivia/crack, have posted the George Costanza Candy Identification Quiz on their site.

For shame. I admit with a heavy heart that I switched the Milky Way and 3 Musketeers bars. I forgot that 3 Musketeers are larger; they don’t have caramel and accommodate more fluffy, delicious nougat.


First Wax, Now Vegetable Oil

September 26, 2008

ABC News reports Chocolate Lovers Pained By Candy Changes

Citing rocketing price costs and insinuating that “lesser” candy bars deserve lesser ingredients, Hershey has been replacing traditional cocoa butter with less expensive vegetable oil in many of its products.

Photo courtesy ABC News

Photo courtesy ABC News

In other cringe-worthy news, The Consumerist noted that Hershey’s Kissables can no longer be considered milk chocolate by FDA standards. They’re just kinda chocolate-like candy now, a careful rephrasing that means a lot. Check it out.

Researchers with the National Association of College Stores have released the results of a study analyzing the snacking preferences of American college students.

15% of survey participants named Snickers as their favorite candy bar, with Reese’s Cups taking 14%. (What–no love for Bit O’ Honey?!) Roughly half said chips, crackers and popcorn was their favorite type of snack, while only 10% preferred cookies and cake. 9% of college students surveyed had a vague recollection of fruit. 623 participated in the survey; their distribution and breakdown by geography, economic status and other determinants is uncertain.

Read the NACS’s press release.

Spotlight: Chicken Dinner

September 23, 2008

Back in the 1920s, Milwaukee’s Sperry Candy Company gave the world its weirdest treat of all: the Chicken Dinner. Read the rest of this entry »

Darrens 246th Daily Painting

Darren's 246th Daily Painting

Sioux City, Iowa artist Darren Maurer has set about presenting a painting a day, posting the results on his blog and offering them for sale. Most paintings feature deliciously rendered foods, but this commissioned Abba Zaba painting particularly caught my eye. (Actually, it came up in a Google search.)

Darren says he’d never heard of or seen an Abba Zaba before–poor guy–but the painting came out a striking and faithful rendition of that classic checkered Annabelle favorite.

To check out more of Darren’s paintings and maybe purchase or commission one of your own, visit

Matzel Toff! Chewish Fun

September 11, 2008

Click here to check out NY1’s piece on Matzel Toff!, a delicious twist on a timeless staple of Jewish life.

More people should start up such wonderful small businesses, if for no other reason than to tickle our funny bones with more hilariously heavy-handed puns.

As promised, the remainder of Ray Broekel’s 1986 American Heritage article. Read the rest of this entry »

Below is an article the late candy historian Ray Broekel wrote for American Heritage waaaaay back in 1986. Its amusing sidebar, “Ten Immortals”, will appear in a subsequent post. Read the rest of this entry »

The Canadian National Post presented a slightly disturbing piece on August 27, 2008: News not so sweet in candy bar research Read the rest of this entry »