Tainted Candy In CT

October 3, 2008

Hartford, Connecticut’s WFSB reports of Melamine-Tained Candy Found in CT

You’d think that with a name like White Rabbit you’d just about expect some sort of crazy chemical to be present. Go ask Alice.

In all seriousness, though, these candies are imported from China and do not reflect the candy making efforts of American companies. Products tainted with melamine are typically manufactured and distributed in Asian countries, Australia and perhaps New Zealand. Candies marketed in the US and Western Europe are manufactured elsewhere.

Cadbury chocolate manufactured in the company Beijing factory has melamine present, but not in levels sufficient to harm consumers. Regardless, Cadbury has voluntarily recalled the products. Other foodstuffs of Asian origin, including Pocky and Nabisco cracker cheese sandwiches–again, NOT sold in the United States–have shown elevated and sometimes dangerous levels of melamine. Products sold under these brand names are manufactured elsewhere and do not demonstrate risk of melamine contamination.


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