Sweet Greetings!

September 4, 2008

Just a quick post to say hello and let any potential readers know what I’m up to here.

Candies, confections, treats… Novelties and sweets, chips, snacks and munchies… In our modern age of mass consumption and sensory gratification, it’s easy to decry our base impulses, particularly when the majority of them drive us to gobble up a boggling variety of nutritionally vacant, ultra-processed foodstuffs. In lieu of vigorous exercise or inner reflection, we too commonly seek comfort in the multi-hued gluttony of candy temptresses. It figures largely, no doubt, in our booming rates of obesity and other determinants of poor health. Sugary and salty snacks, much like television, temporarily distract us from the larger scope of the world around us, but ultimately we come crashing back down and feel we have no option but to seek that cheap euphoria again.

But…! But…they’re so gooooooood! A little flirtation with caramel or bright orange cheese now and then adds a cheery escapist fling to hum-drum days and late-night insomnia. The tastes and textures toy with our tummies so terrifically! Like surrendering to the strains of a touching melody or giggling at an improbably tiny toy dog, treats lift our spirits and add dimension to the human experience. When engaged with conscious effort free of distraction, all five senses come to life and the mind does little backflips of glee. A candy bar can be as stimulating to the primary hunger impulse as pot roast or fresh-baked bread.

Junk food: Stuff we shovel hand over fist which has practically no nutritive value whatsoever. I use the term with affection but wariness. I don’t intend to promote excessive consumption of junk over much more responsible choices like fruit and veggies. What I’m promoting is responsible consumption (i.e., in small doses and not as a replacement for a wholesome meal) of foods engineering to entertain and add a bit of levity to daily life.

And so I’ve started this blog to indulge my curiosity of and appreciation for the foods that delight and amuse. It’s all on the table, and I can scarcely pick a direction before wanting to dart off in another. I’m no junk food junkie, but I’m easily overwhelmed by the staggering volume of products we Americans have developed to satiate our hunger and desire for expression. So many niches are packed chock-a-block with countless opportunities to becalm every taste bud several times over. At a determined pace, I hope to explore this bright, shiny world. From the ubiquitous candy bars and chips, to regional specialties, to even alcoholic beverages and other tasty things mom would frown on, I’m casting my eyes all about for fun, fantastic food fodder. I’ll try tossing in a good measure of confectionary history, news, trivia and nostalgia, too.

I hope you’ll pick up on the Confectionarium and join me in my search for the absurd, the sublime and the timeless treats that ravage diets with utter abandon.


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